My main research interests are (i) assessing historic and determining future changes in mean and extreme sea levels at local, regional and global scales; and (ii) determining how to effectively translate global projections of absolute sea level rise down to regional and local scales in practical terms that will aid coastal managers and engineers inform flood and erosion risk-based management and for future planning. In this regard, my interested in all aspects of sea level variations from time scales of minutes (ocean surface waves), hours (seiches, tides), days (storm surges), through to longer term changes (seasonal, inter-annual and longer-term changes in mean sea levels, lunar tidal cycles). I have experience in assessing observational data sets (i.e. tide gauge records, wave buoy data) and tide/surge and wave numerical modeling for short (forecasting, navigation) and long (coupling with climate models to assess past/present and potential future changes in storm surges, extreme sea levels and coastal flooding) term applications.


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