My current research group members include:

Dr Matthew Wadey (Postdoc EPSRC-funded Flood MEMORY project 2013 – 2015)

Dr Fiona D Hibbert (Postdoc and manager of NERC-funded iGlass project 2012 – 2015)

Mr Robery Mawdsley (PhD Student 20132 – present, jointly supervised with Mikis Tsimplis)

Mr And Muhaimin Amiruddin (PhD Student 2012 – present,  jointly supervised with Neil Wells)

Mr Seb Pitman (PhD Student 2013 – present, jointly supervised with Shari Gallop)

Mrs Clementine Chirol (PhD Student 2014 – present, jointly supervised with Shari Gallop, Charlie Thompson, Nigel Pontee)

Ozgun Ozsoy (Research Assistant 2015 – present)



My past research group members include:

Christos Mists (Postdoc – funded by HR Wallingford)

Cyprien Boserelle (UWA PhD Student – now working for SPC in Fiji)