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In Review (2 papers)

  • Ward, P.J. Couasnon, A., Haigh, I.D., Muis, S., Veldkamp T.I.E, Winsemius, H.C., Wahl, T. 2018. Dependence of high sea water level and high river discharge at the global scale, in review Environmental Research Letters
  • Mejia-Olivares, C.J., Haigh. I.D., Wells, N.C, Coles, D.S., Lewis, M. and Neill, S.P, 2018. Tidal-stream energy resource characterisation for the Gulf of California, México. In review Energy.

Published or in press (58 papers)

  1. Goodwin, P., Brown, S., Haigh, I.D., Nicholls, R.J., Matter, J.M., 2018. Adjusting Mitigation Pathways to stabilize climate at 1.5 and 2.0 °C rise in global temperatures to year 2300. Earth’s Future, in press.
  2. Brown, S., Nicholls, R.J., Haigh, I.D. Lincke, D., Vafeidis, A., Hinkel, J., 2018. Quantifying land and people exposed to sea-level rise with no mitigation and 1.5 and 2.0 °C rise in global temperatures to year 2300. Earth’s Future, in press.
  3. Nicholls, R.J., Brown, S., Goodwin, P., Wahl, T., Lowe, J, Solan, M., Godbold, J., Haigh, I.D., Lincke, D., Hinkel, J., Wolff, C., Merkens, J-L. 2018. Stabilisation of global temperature at 1.5°C and 2.0°C: Implications for coastal areas, Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society A, in press.
  4. Chirol, C., Haigh, I.D., Pontee, N; Thompson, C.E., Gallop, S.L., 2017. Parametrising tidal creek morphology in mature saltmarshes using semi-automated extraction from LiDAR. Remote Sensing of Environment, in press.
  5. T. Wahl, P.J. Ward, H.C. Winsemius, A. AghaKouchak, J. Bender I.D. Haigh, S. Jain, M. Leonard, T.I.E. Veldkamp, S. Westra, 2017. Hydrologic compound events: unappreciated hazards, Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union, in press.
  6. Haigh, I.D., Ozsoy, O., Wadey, M.P., Nicholls, R.J., Gallop, S.L., Wahl, T., Brown, J.M., 2017. An improved database of coastal flooding in the United Kingdom from 1915 to 2016. Scientific Data, 4, 170100.
  7. Santos, V.M., Haigh, I.D., Wahl, T., 2017. Spatial and Temporal Clustering Analysis of Extreme Wave Events around. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 5(3), 28.
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  9. Wadey, M., Brown, S., Nicholls, R.J., Haigh, I.D., 2017. Coastal flooding in the Maldives: An Assessment of Historic Events and Their Implications. Natural Hazards, 89(1), 131-159.
  10. Goodwin, P., Haigh, I.D., Rohling, E.J. and Slangen, A. 2017. A new approach to projecting 21st century sea‐level changes and extremes. Earth’s Future 5 (2), 240-253.
  11. Marsh, R., Haigh, I.D., Cunningham, Stuart A., Inall, Mark E., Porter, Marie and Moat, Ben I., 2017. Large-scale forcing of the European Slope Current and associated inflows to the North Sea. Ocean Science 13 (2), 315-335
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  13. Woodworth, P.L., Hunter, J.R., Marcos, M., Caldwell, P., Menéndez, M. and Haigh, I.D, 2016. Towards a global higher-frequency sea level data set. Geoscience Data Journal, 3 (2), 50-59.
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